In 2015 we started raising Longhorn cattle. The history of the Longhorn in North America is fascinating. As longhorns migrated throughout the North American continent from what is now Mexico and Texas, they evolved through a process of natural selection. Only the strongest of those cattle, the ones which could travel very long distances, with very little feed or water, and could efficiently utilize scant grazing resources of the high plains, could survive and contribute to the gene pool. The strengths of the breed today is reflective of the rugged natural survival requirements they faced. Many of these traits are what make them very special and highly desirable cattle in today's environment.

Natural, grass fed, Milk River Lean Longhorn Beef is one of the healthiest meat choices available. Milk River Lean Longhorn Beef is lower in saturated fat than corn fed beef, and lower in calories and cholesterol than chicken (see the nutrition chart to the right)

We offer whole, half and quarter sides of beef. Call for pricing.